2019 Beverly Catalog


2019 Beverly Supplement Catalog and “Quick Answer Guide”


UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein)

With its unduplicated recipe of native casein and whey, this protein shake formula keeps your muscle-building engines revved for hours. One scoop, and you’ll be hooked by the yummy-good taste. One bottle, and your biceps will be saluting you. Plus, it’s satisfying enough to be used as a meal replacement. (It makes waiting until your next meal a snap!) Comes in 7 rich, creamy and super satisfying flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Crème, Rocky Road, Strawberry, Graham Cracker, and Angel Food Cake.

Muscle Provider

Called “the original designer protein,” Muscle Provider may be the fastest-acting protein shake formula you ever use. It’s powered by a unique recipe of whey isolate and hydrolysate that makes it perfect for use immediately after workouts when you want to feed your tired muscles protein without delay. Bonus: The chocolate flavor tastes like cupcake batter! And Muscle Provider vanilla will add mouth-watering flavor to any smoothie.


Provosyn was the first milk, egg and beef protein powder made for bodybuilders. It’s based on a secret recipe used by a famous nutritional guru from bodybuilding’s “Golden Era” to help his movie-star clients gain lean muscle rapidly. If you think you’re a hard gainer, this is the antidote. Like UMP, it’s satisfying enough to be used as a meal replacement. Users say vanilla Provosyn is their “all-time favorite” that they “never get tired of.” It’s thick, rich and creamy. It leaves you feeling full, never stuffed or bloated.

Mass Maker Ultra

The product lives up to the name. If you have trouble gaining quality weight because you’re naturally skinny (i.e. an “ectomorph”) or super active (e.g. a heavy laborer), this delicious nutritional shake mix will do the trick, and then some. It makes it easy to get all the quality calories you need to gain mass fast. Fans of MMU vanilla have compared it to “cheesecake,” “creamy whip ice cream,”

“tapioca,” “vanilla pudding,” and “crème brulee.” MMU chocolate smells like cocoa and reminds you of drinking a glass of fresh milk mixed with a spoonful of your favorite chocolate syrup as a child. We’re getting hungry just talking about it!



If you don’t want caffeine, but you want to have better workouts, you’ve got to try Up-Lift. It’s the stimulant-free pre-workout formula that actually works. It will help you get in the zone and amp up your pumps, without any of the jittery, twitchy, anxious,

energy-crash side effects of those harsh stimulant-loaded products. Great for evening workouts. It can also be used as an everyday cognitive booster, a.k.a. “nootropic”. Try it when gaming!


Ok, let’s say you do want caffeine. Then reach for Fast-Up. It combines caffeine with other ingredients in just the right ratios to give you a quick burst of energy that feels better and boosts your performance more than caffeine alone. Some of our customers love Fast-Up so much, they’ve replaced their morning cup of Joe with it.


Glutamine Select plus BCAAs

We all get muscle soreness when we train hard. (Hello, leg day!) Glutamine Select helps stop it in its tracks. Its unique clinically dosed formula of glutamine plus BCAAs will have you bouncing back from workouts in half the time. You can also use it to preserve lean muscle and curb cravings for sweets when doing keto or intermittent fasting. (It won’t spike your blood sugar or insulin levels!) Two flavors – original Black Cherry and new Wild Berry.


The spinach-green color of this pill would appeal to Popeye, as would its muscular effects. With 4 types of carnitine, Quadracarn (pronounced “kwa-dra-carn”) is one of our top 10 most-popular products because it does something for everybody: It enhances testosterone (yet works awesome for both men and women), fat loss, muscle definition, vascularity, cognitive performance, sleep quality and more. If you’re 35 or older, Quadracarn is a must.

Creatine Select

As you may have found out yourself, garden-variety creatine formulas don’t work for everyone. That’s why so many natural bodybuilders stick with Creatine Select. This timeless formula never fails to produce increases in muscle size and performance, even for so-called creatine “non-responders.” To date, it has a 100% response rate, meaning you don’t have to worry if it will work or not. If you want to start your new lifting program off with a bang, or can’t seem to break through a training “plateau” or rut, Creatine Select will do the trick.

Ultra 40

This desiccated liver tablet formula is even more potent than the ones used by legendary bodybuilders of the Golden Era. It’s an authentic steroid alternative. Use Ultra 40 to boost your stamina, recovery and muscle growth. Hard gainers and guys 40 years and older often stack it with Mass Amino Acids for rock-solid, head- turning gains.

Mass Amino Acids

Like Ultra 40, Mass Amino Acids is an authentic steroid alternative that originated from the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Each tablet is rich in peptide-bonded amino acids (PBAAs), something no other brand has managed to duplicate to date. Use Mass Amino Acids to boost recovery, reverse muscle loss and maximize lean gains. It’s a must-have when returning to the gym after a layoff. Stack it with Ultra 40 to whip your muscles back into shape (and beyond) in no time.

Muscle Synergy

Muscle Synergy will intensify your pumps and help you break through training plateaus (i.e. periods of

diminishing gains) at any age. It’s especially popular with the 35+ crowd. It doesn’t just build muscle; it also helps you preserve it. And unlike other products that give you “puffy” gains, the muscle you gain with Muscle Synergy will look lean and hard.


Lean Out

Lean Out makes it easier to get lean by helping your metabolism convert carbs and fat into energy instead of storing them as body fat. It’s been a secret of natural bodybuilders of all ages for years. 100% caffeine-free. Stack it with 7-Keto MuscLean and watch your body change into a physique.

7-Keto MuscLean

Other brands may promise that their fat burner won’t interfere with your muscle gains. Only 7-Keto MuscLean has 15 years of experience living up to it. (It was released in 2003.) It contains a clinically studied, plant-based ingredient that helps you

lose up to 3 times as much body fat without losing muscle, even on a calorie-reduced diet. Stack

it with Lean Out when you want to get seriously shredded.


Density is another original formula from Beverly that has remained popular for years. For hard gainers and weekend warriors, it can provide the missing nutritional link that finally allows them to make gains in the gym. It contains all eight of the essential amino acids (EAAs) in their purest, most isolated form.


This is the perfect BCAA formula for a fat-loss or cutting diet. It has added B vitamins, plus zinc picolinate and chromium picolinate to optimize insulin action and protein synthesis for maximum muscle retention. Take it with meals for the best results.

Muscle Mass

This no-nonsense BCAA formula is made for everyday muscle building. It uses a 2.5:1:1 ratio of the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine because this ratio more closely matches the needs of human muscle tissue. Take Muscle Mass in between meals to boost muscle growth and retention.

GH Factor

Many “GH booster” supplements have come and gone over the years. One has stood the test of time longer than any other: GH Factor. This clinically dosed formula stimulates your body to release more growth hormone (GH), naturally. Women and men report that it helps them get leaner in the lower body.

Energy Reserve

Energy Reserve is the no-nonsense L-Carnitine supplement that personal trainers use to help their clients lose those last five pounds. (You know the ones.) It can make all the difference to your morning cardio workout by giving you a “second-wind” of fat-burning power. Energy Reserve is a must-have when doing keto! (Your body needs help burning all that fat!)


Super Pak

Super Pak is the gold standard in multivitamin daily packs. It’s also the longest selling –since 1970. Each box contains 30 daily packs. Each pack contains a total of 9 tablets and capsules custom-formulated for athletes and highly active individuals who want to maximize their energy, performance and immune system health every day. Sustained-release vitamin C and B complex provide 6 hours of energy and

immune system support. Chelated minerals provide up to 10x the utilization. Plus digestive enzymes, antioxidants and more. Try one 30-day cycle, and we guarantee you’ll have more energy, perform better and feel healthier than before!


If you’re just getting started on a fitness program or diet (e.g. keto), trying to lose weight or get back in shape, FitTabs is the perfect fit. Both men and women (including 9 out of 10 of our figure and bikini competitors) use this multivitamin, including many couples. Besides its 24 essential vitamins and minerals (including iron peptone), women love that FitTabs contains goodies like probiotics, lipotropics and enzymes that help your metabolism flush out fat and provide relief from bloating.

Joint Care

Joint Care provides relief from the annoying joint aches and stiffness caused by heavy lifting and other forms of strenuous physical activity. We made it strong enough for physique and strength athletes. This isn’t your Grandma’s joint formula, though she’ll love it, too!

EFA Gold

This synergistic blend of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids makes it easy to boost your intake of healthy fats daily. You can actually feel it working. It’s a must-have for those who don’t eat cold-water fish regularly.

ZMA 2000

This pre-sleep formula is a best-seller with natural bodybuilders and athletes because it works. Fans say they wake up feeling twice as recovered. It helps you unwind and glide into a deep, restorative sleep with lots of REM, while encouraging your anabolic hormones to rebalance. Be prepared to do some serious dreaming!

Multiple Enzyme Complex

Do you feel bloated, or like your food is still “sitting there” hours after a meal? Then give this trusted digestion formula a try.

Fans say, after one bottle, they won’t dine without it! It makes digestion easier and more comfortable. We guarantee it.


How do you make a vitamin C supplement less boring and more effective? We started by giving it the highest dose of vitamin C on the market –2000 mg (2 grams). Next, we added a variety of ingredients, such as vitamin A and bioflavonoids, that turbo-charge your immune system even more. That’s Ultra C. If you want to protect yourself from colds and flu this season, get on it.

Advanced Antioxidant Formula

Free radicals are naturally produced by your cells all day long. But when produced in excess, they can act like toxins,

causing cellular damage. This is thought to contribute to aging and a host of other negative effects. Advanced Antioxidant helps your body “extinguish” free radicals before they get

out of hand with a synergistic formula unlike any other. Long before people were talking about “detoxing” their body, Advanced Antioxidant was actually doing it. For building your health and beauty from the inside out, nothing beats it.

Remember, every single Beverly International product is protected by our IronClad Guarantee.
If you aren’t completely satisfied within 60 days, let us know and we’ll give you a full 100% refund.

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2019 Beverly Supplement Catalog and “Quick Answer Guide”

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