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The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly (4 issues per year) publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.


› Dave Payne My Lucky-7 Precontest Tips.

› Brent Swansen
Natural Bodybuilding Doing It Right

› Robert Simmons
Competing in NPC over 50 Masters in my best shape. Half Century Hurdle

› Charlie Gripp 14 years of Bodybuilding Success

Frank Lagarde “Bodybuilding is a sport in which 99% of the athletic performance takes place before the day of competition.”

Khoshal Azami

Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

Khoshal Azami db bicep curl

“When I began training for my first competition I quickly learned that there was a lot more to it than just pumping iron.

› Contest Workshop Phase 2 – 8 Weeks Out: Diet Plan, Training – Cardio, Posing focus individual routine.

› Michael Sheppard
Lifetime Bodybuilder competitor my entire life

› Jeff Williamson Ladies! At Home or at the Gym.
Training program I designed for my wife Linda and daughter Chassi

› Tim Mielke
How I Achieved My Best Ever Bodybuilding Condition

› Dave Candy
Collegiate Bantamweight National Champion

The Dynamic Training Duo

› Ryan Propst & Beth Muntean training together

› Aaron Whitten
Gained 22 pounds of muscle and shed a half pound of fat

› Chad Forrester
Balancing Life’s Demands with Bringing my Best to Stage. Key is maintaining healthy relationships in life while still getting it done in the gym

double bicep Scott Foster on stage pose

› Scott Foster
My Road to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder


› Tim Rawlings
Pro Baseball to Olympic Weightlifting